Education in USA: Levels and grades in the USA

Education in USA: Levels and grades in the USA

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The public school education system of USA

In the United States, public schools begin from age 4 to 6 and remain till 16 or 18 years of age. If needed, parents can send their child to preschool before he/she is 4 years or 6 years. In America, the education system is classified into various levels. If you are thinking of offering your child education in USA, you need to know about their levels and classifications.

Early childhood education

It discusses how young children are given education. When the child is less than 4 years, it is necessary to assist them to sing, read, and learn both English and first language. When children speak two or several languages, they can enjoy more benefits than children speaking in one language. There are several daycare centers and early childhood centers available for infants who are four to five years old.

It assists children in overall development. Certain schools recommend preschool at a very early age. It assists the children to be ready by five or six years of age. Families with low income can consider including their kids in Head Start Programs. It is a low-cost kindergarten program managed by the government.

Elementary School and Middle School

Children who are aged five begin elementary school. Before they are ten or eleven years of age, they leave elementary school. Middle school is for children who are in the age group of ten to fourteen years.

High school
Students who are between fourteen and seventeen attend high school. Several teachers visit and teach subjects. If needed, learners can take advanced sessions. High schools have work-study arrangements, sports, activities, clubs, and several other activities. Some students opt for classes that help them in preparing for college or work.

How school placement is practiced in the US education system?

The method of determining the grade of the student is referred to as school placement. It means which grade the school places the student. Several refugee students would have not obtained school education when they were moving out of the country or when in camp. They would belong to various grade levels than the regular students of that age group. Certain students would belong to high grades but they do not know how to speak English. Such students will have trouble attending classes. In the United States, sometimes students are placed in inappropriate grades.

How are the students placed in schools?

Before admitting the students in school, the students are asked to attend certain tests. It is mostly conducted at the start of the academic year. Most schools conduct written tests to determine the grades of the students. The test will be different for each school. They may be an adult or teacher to read the questions to the students.

Which level is best for my child? 

If you are wondering whether your child is in the right grade or not, it is best to discuss with your teacher, school staff, or principal who tests and places children.

  • State the reason for schooling as it can help them in understanding and take a good decision.
  • Why do you think the child has been wrongly placed? If they are okay with your reasons, they may consider changing the placement.

There are several reasons for the school to decide a grade for your child. Some of the common reasons are as follows:

  • Student’s work samples
  • Counselor or teacher recommendation
  • Student motivation or interest
  • Willing to accomplish challenging assignments
  • Standardized test scores
  • Guardian or parent recommendations
  • Level of student’s understanding

High and middle schools conduct classes at various levels. Certain classes will be easy and some will be hard. The course names explain the difficulty level of the class. The word varies according to the district.

Different level, same grade.

Some of the names of classes with simpler English levels:

  • Basic skills
  • Inclusion

Some of the names of classes recommended for students at a typical level grade:

  • Non-honors
  • Regular

Some of the names of classes for students at advanced or higher level grade:

  • International Baccalaureate or IB
  • Advanced Placement or AP
  • Gifted and talented education or GTE
  • Honors

What are the different kinds of schools in the United States?

There are several methods to educate your child in the US.

Private schools: In this model, the student has to pay to attend. Most private schools are run by religious organizations and churches.

Public schools: It is available for free of cost to all non-citizen and citizen children.

Homeschooling: It is an alternative method of education. Most parents teach their children in this method.

Charter schools: These schools are free and almost similar to traditional public schools. These schools are managed by the government.

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