What are the changes required in the education method in India?

What are the changes required in the education method in India?

What are the issues in the education method in India?

Though Indian institutions and governments are striving hard to reform the present education model, there are still certain problems that have to be evaluated and sorted out.

We are well aware of the importance of education and how it shapes our lives. There are several issues associated with the education methods in India. We have listed top issues that require immediate action. By sorting these issues, there are high chances to offer quality education in India.

Why should the rote learning method be eliminated?

We have developed with time. But still, we are not able to come out of this practice – rote learning method. Though certain IB schools are transforming the education system, we should understand that the number of students stepping to IB schools is less than you imagine. All individuals can’t pay for such an expensive education system.

The government has to take responsibility and completely remove rote learning from schools. The schools should follow the conceptual learning method as it refrains students from memorizing everything in the book. This way, the students can know the concept better, they’re able to recap, and also utilize when needed in life.

Why does the evaluation system have to be checked?

Most parents think that when their children achieve good marks, they can perform well in life. So, they will be willing to take any step to see the good marks in the rank card. The students feel the pressure as a result of the parent’s desire. Due to mark pressure, it becomes hard for the students to perform well. It is important to know that a three-hour exam is not sufficient to evaluate a student. Students should be evaluated based on their classroom performance like how he/she participates in subjects, projects, leadership skills and communication, and extracurricular activities. This way, the students will aim to show their best side and also they can be evaluated in the best way.

Teachers are important in schools and it is necessary to see whether they have the best training before stepping in this profession. Teachers are appreciated as second parents. So, they should be given sufficient training to act as parents. If they do not know how to behave, it can affect the performance of the entire class.

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