Digital Trend Setter Reshaping Education

Digital Trend Setter Reshaping Education

Advancement in technology has been widespread, but the educational sectors have shown hesitation in adopting the different trendsetters introduced digitally. This hesitation slows the complete progress in the educational sectors but hasn’t come to a standstill as yet. Old school teaching methodologies have been held on for a very long time, not allowing the education sectors to adopt newer digital methods instead. But incorporating digital transformation into teaching methodology will advance the learning process.

Influence of Digital Transformation on Education Sectors

  • Internet Of Things

The advantages of introducing IoT in educational sectors is enormous. It aids in enabling real-time results of students test results with parents along with all the possible problems that the student must be facing either at home or school. Tracking homework completion, time-stamping the completed work, recording the time taken by the student to gather required data to complete the task, etc., is monitored real-time by IoT. The tracked time-stamping data would allow the teachers to asses the working methodology used by the student to complete the exercise. IoT will be a provider of essential insights that would help gain more valuable information on the digital future in education.

  • Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality has not been a very commonly adopted method in all school or educational institutions. But the future does seem more positive where campuses would like to take the aid of VR to let students deepen their understanding of ancient history, travel, etc. With the help of application in smartphones, Google Expeditions are creating a VR classroom which is not only user-friendly but also provides experiences and teaching that enhances the learning to a different range.

Enhancing Digital Security

Hacking is one loophole that every technological business fall into if digital security protection is not reliable. Dangers in the cyber world are not only huge, but students fall prey to it very quickly. Thus the advancement in digital technology essentially requires increased security. Technological transformation digitally is bound to cause more scare. Any data or information that is sent or received over the internet using WIFI or other sources, all are bound to be caught in malware, spamming or even cyberbullying. Thus it is essential to make sure that the online transactions get completed securely.

Redesigning the digital learning space has made tutors realise the extent of clean classrooms that are available for use to build a collaborative workspace purely used for e-learning purpose. Classes include Smartboards and Smart desk instead of chalkboard and single-seating layout. This re-structuring will aid in re-designing and re-thinking ways to incorporate technology into educational sectors.

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