Easy ways to improve student study skills strategies

Easy ways to improve student study skills strategies

How to make studying more interesting?

One of the tedious tasks in every student’s life is studying. Some know the importance of it while others feel it as a burden anyways all read their syllabus to attain something called pass. Passing is not everything but enjoying learning is the way education can win over student’s heart. Whenever we meet our surfers, we bring some new and exciting tips to solve over any critical complications. We will break down some of the critical learning strategies formulated by an oxford university expert Eileen Tracy.

1. Practising well on the note-taking abilities

There are two types of students when we distinguish the batch based on their record taking skills. The first types are the studious mindset ones who pen down or store all the data from a teacher or a book in the library. The second categories of the students are the ones who don’t write a single word and consider the task as dull or waste of time.
We suggest teachers help the students in practising note-taking. The teachers of all the subjects have to make the students understand and pick out the key points and frame notes. This can save time and run the revision process simultaneously.

2. Mind mapping is essential

Mind-mapping of the subjects require work from the right brain of the students, which is a creative machine located inside the body. The mind-mapping can do a great job in subjects like humanities and arts were students have to reach out loud and in a creative manner.

3. Mnemonics is silly but worthy

Yes, from hundreds of years, students have by hearted the tough biological, chemical, and physical names with a small and dumb trick called Mnemonics. The Mnemonics are efficient among the broad category of students who don’t prefer rote learning and wasting hours.

4. Practising essay writing and planning

From a recent survey, reports suggest that many students find it challenging to write their thoughts due to poor planning and minimize exposure which holds their innovative ideas right inside their medulla. We recommend the teachers to help the students in writing essays to chase out the fear from their brains.

5. Time – management is the paramount concern in the whole life

It is the responsibility of the parents and the teachers not to strain the students on time management but making them understand the significance of the time. It is believed that great people have excellent grip over their mind.

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