2019 Latest Trends in Education to Lookout for

2019 Latest Trends in Education to Lookout for

Research and analysis are proving the existence of very innovative educations trends in 2019. The surprising factor is that it’s not only technology that is going to change the environment of the class but below are a few more trends that will be an addition to the change.

Trending factors affecting the classroom environment

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)

A 50% growth is expected in the upcoming years when it comes to the usage of Artificial Intelligence. AI aids computers in performing human-based jobs such as translation of language, making a decision, recognition of speech, etc. These capabilities will allow AI to transform the complete geography of education. Using AI as a support tool for teachers in schools will help eliminate the issue of having a shortage of tutors to train students.

  • Virtual Reality (VR)

A physical schoolroom constraint is entirely discarded by the magic that Virtual Reality creates. Virtual Reality helps teachers in creating any environment at any place or even in the classroom. VR will eventually get the student to give their deep and robust participation and also help them understand the subject matter in a much more revolutionised way by making the classroom as a lab for “Time-Travel”. The classroom gets converted into a space for creative learning.

  • Blockchain

A consolidated database that which is permanent, and the public is used for compilation and encryption of data digitally. There is no centralisation of data in any particular location, making the files accessible by the people, tracked with ease and also verifiable. Accessing the information and files through Blockchain makes it corrupt-free. Using Blockchain in schools are considered to be a game-changer when it comes to looking into the personal information of students such as performance, identity, transcripts, security and managing of data.

Students – Reason for Change and Powerfully Vigilant

When a traumatic incident such as a gun shooting that happens in any school premises, the students mobilise the whole situation via social media to create awareness and enhance the debate on safety in schools and over gun control. Recently, a 16-year-old student received a standing ovation for her address that she presented on climate change. Activism by students seems to be attracting attention from parents, tutors, public and the media in a huge way, to bring about some positive modification on socially.

The level of stress these days are much on the higher end that kids become immune to them, affecting both their emotional and behavioural pattern causing mental issues. ADHD, anxiety, depression, etc. are the disorders that are more often seen in kids nowadays. Schools have become more vigilant in making a close watch on kids anxiety issues, in turn distracting them with more learning and focus work. Vigilance in the form of meditation seems to have helped in reducing stress, bringing in calmness, decreased rate of depression and strength to fight against anxiety issues.

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