PCA North Have Opened The Door For 50 New Students

Recently, the Preston Wood Christian academy has officially opened the door of its new campus to admit 50 students in pre-kindergarten via fourth grade. The institution has appointed seventeen more staff and faculty members to manage the academic things of new joiners. Most of these faculties are from the public and private schools existing in that area.
PCA North is located near to the Preston Wood Church North campus, which is at the intersection of Dallas North Tollway and Prosper Trail.
Donna Leadford is the principal of the school, who is working more than 30 years in PCA North. She also worked as the Lower School Principal in the Academy of Preston wood Christians in Plano from the academic year 2003 to 2005.
Donna said that the pleasure of Preston Wood Academy is incredible. She also added that the newly appointed students will look back and feel proud of being a part of this campus establishment that offer kingdom education for several years.
PCA North has celebrated its inauguration with pastors from mayors of Prosper and Frisco, new PCA North families, Prestonwood Baptist Church and the chambers from Allen, Frisco and Prosper.
During the inauguration, Sam Johnson, the Congressman has said that the Christian Education empowers the individuals to work hard and reach their full potential.


Christian Missionary Schools Are Not Ready To Welcome The Rajasthan School Act 2013

The Christian Missionary Schools in the Rajasthan state are against the fee regulations established by the state government. They are considering the law as a desecration of legitimate provision that protect the minority institutes.
They have also added that Constitution is guaranteeing them the complete freedom from the interference of government.
According the Rajasthan School Act, the fee committee managed by the high court judge of the state will determine the fees for each and every institution based on the quality and facilities of education.
The law also made it clear that it is mandatory for all the schools to provide the details of the academic fees structure along with the tuition fees.
Recently, the education society of the Christian Missionary Schools had a meeting to sort out the strategies that can be followed to fight against the law founded by the Rajasthan state government.
This committee has decided to inform the entire Christian Education department to keep them out of the domain of Rajasthan School Act.
The vice principal of St.Xavier’s School, C K Punnoose, has said that based on language and religion all the minorities have the right to administer and establish the christian educational institutions.
He also added that the existing fees structure followed in a missionary school is already minimal. Hence, reducing the existing fees may affect the quality of education.


Choosing Career Options After Education

There are successful career options when it comes to individuals graduating from Christian institutions. Apart from the preparation for life as such, there is good preparation and effort put into making them well equipped to face their career prospects with an open mind and a large heart. The success stories of past students do not end with the school, in fact it begins there. Along with education it becomes pertinent to teach these kids the way of succeeding in the job opportunities available. Preparation plays a major role in ensuring that the individual lands in the right job.

Any preparation warrants basic knowledge on the current happenings in the world. It is necessary to be trained well in order to ensure that you land in the right job. All jobs in the present day ask for information about the current trends. Keeping abreast with current affairs through regular attempts at current affairs quiz can help individuals to a large extent. It is important to choose careers that will give you contentment rather than monetary gain. A career choice based on what an individual loves will always increase the chances for them to succeed faster than in any other. If the wrong choice is made, it will lead only to failure. Making the right choice matters, but ensure that the choice is made from the heart and not the head!


Making Christian Education A Success Story

Christian education has been long seen as the possible way for children to learn the way of Christ and follow in his footsteps of honesty, love and integrity to his fellow beings. Apart from the fact that it teaches the basic discipline that a child needs to know, it also is a platform for the future careers of these individuals. There have been so many renowned personalities in the country who were taught in Christian schools and have made the country and their Alma Mater proud.

It is important to stay in the present while preparing for the future, and hence knowledge on current affairs becomes the key. Attempting current affairs quiz on websites and booklets cannot only give them the courage to face the challenge of attending a competitive exam or taking up a job interview, but also makes them better knowledgeable individuals that enable them to take informed decisions in their lives. It is the duty of every Christian institution to ensure that this happens within their premises.


Christian Education – What It Does For Our Kids

For years together, Christian education has been seen as the best method to instill discipline and promote the way of God to the young minds who will become future leaders. What not many people know or understand is that, this is not about all in the line of Christian education. Christian education brings with it plenty of scope and advantage to children apart from the basic discipline that is inculcated in them.

Prepares Them For Life
Christian education whether it is in the school level or in the college level, helps to prepare an individual for life. Christian institutions generally offer a wide range of choices for individuals to choose from which diversifies their options and enables them to be prepared to compete better across all walks of life.

Prepares Them For A Career
With the right choices at their disposal, children educated from Christian institutions understand what they want better. It instigates the mind to think about their options available and make a choice rather than being forced upon. Christian education teaches them to talk their mind and live their choice, this can help immensely in choosing their career, as they know that they want and how they want it. Online web Resources like quiz websites for gaining Current Events Knowledge should be used.

Prepares Them To Handle Success
Success and failure are two sides of the same coin – every successful story would have seen a failure at some point of time in life – this thought is understood more by students who walk out of Christian institutions and hence they are able to handle not only failure but success too. They understand the importance of balancing life – on both success and failure and hence are better equipped at handling both with the same frame of mind. The education system therefore helps in making them better individuals and good examples for their peers to follow.