How happiness is crucial for a successful education

How happiness is crucial for a successful education

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Importance of ‘being happy’ in Education

An International school league conducted amongst 79 countries and few other regions has established the progress of British teenagers’ in Math, Science and reading as quite outstanding. But the worrisome fact of growing dissatisfaction and unhappiness among the teens has marred the UK’s glorifying academic performance. Organization for Economic cooperation and development studies has revealed that about 47 per cent of British teens are unsatisfied with their student life in the country. That means, only one in three students in Britain describe themselves as content and happy. Despite the stellar performances and progressing ranks in academic subjects, education in UK has taken a down trip with the worrying stats of high percentages of miserable students. Find out the reasons and the measures that could improve the overall education in the UK.

Performance stats and causes for worrying trends

The global report has ranked the UK as 14th, 18th and 14th in reading, math and science respectively as compared to the 22nd, 27th and 15th ranks in the year 2015. The rise in the ranking has been stupendous when compared to the previous years’ ranking. But the alarming stats of nearly two-third pupils deeply worried over their academics is quite concerning. The higher academicians emphasize that a successful education system highly relies on the sense of satisfaction and belonging. A growing number of students in the UK are subjected to unwanted stress to excel in academics. Likewise, the austere system of education in UK is grooming a generation, which believes that increasing poverty, low pay, and job insecurities are making their future bleak. Top academics have noted that impressive academic stats have been tarnished by the higher percentage of worried pupils in the UK.

As the exams are getting more strenuous, there is a more significant threat of deteriorating mental health among students to perform better. Exam related anxieties and dissatisfaction are on an all-time high among British teens. Peer pressures and media influence are also two significant causes that are affecting the happiness factor among schoolchildren. Studies have revealed that the appearance aspects influence a growing number of teens, making it a prominent reason for leading an unhappy school life. About three in 10 pupils in the UK from less privileged backgrounds are being bullied at schools. Most of the bullying includes physical abuses and negative rumours. The negative influence of all these aspects is severely affecting the mental health of students, and it is high time that authorities introduce subjects concerning these in the classrooms. Discussing the concerns and solving problems in the classes can help prevent unrealistic expectations and help build confidence among students.

Measures to improve happiness among school students

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Senior academicians have stressed out the importance of analyzing the pupil’s perception of well-being for satisfactory academic performance. Several studies have revealed the influence of empathy, grit, and resilience as imperative factors, in influencing the ability to succeed in children. Measures are already undertaken to encourage a growth mindset among students and society that believes intelligence and skills can be built through effort. An education curriculum that promotes a positive mindset and self-belief is necessary to nurture a successful and confident society.

Teachers, government authorities, and educational experts must collaborate to devise an education system that includes social, and emotional life skills, as well as character, attributes like resilience to support their academic performance. The Department of Education in UK has already started investing in projects that help youngsters to develop positive traits.

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