How And Why Does The UK Rank High In Education?

How And Why Does The UK Rank High In Education?

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The Good News About Education in UK

If the pandemic has jolted the economy in the UK in 2020, the country can be happy that it  has something else to harp about. According to  study by the US News & World Report , the UK has once again been crowned “The 2019 Best Countries For Education”.

It bagged the coveted title in 2018, which makes the country the undisputed leader in education on a world level for the second consecutive time.

With nearly 80 countries featured in the report, the study is entirely based on a perception-based survey. The survey uses a compilation of scores based on three important attributes:

  1. A well-developed public education system
  2. If people would consider attending universities in that country
  3. Does that particular country provide top quality education?

What Else Does The Report Say?

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As per the report, the top 5 countries  on the list of Best Countries For Education 2019 are The UK, USA, Canada, Germany and France.  Interestingly, all the 5 countries have retained their rankings from 2018.

The other countries in this list are Australia, Switzerland, Sweden, Japan and Netherlands.

The study was done based on a list of federal-run and decentralized education systems.

Another interesting fact put forth by the study is that students scored average marks in Maths, Science and Reading on the OECD’s programme for International Student Assessment.

How Does Education in the UK Fare With Other Countries?

The United Kingdom has always been a trendsetter in education and a hotspot with some of the world’s best educational institutions.  The Oxford University and the Cambridge University are among the most prestigious institutions that have churned out some of the brightest scholars and achievers.

Education in UK commences from age 5 through 16. Students progress through 4 crucial stages of a national curriculum.  In the UK, the differences between the secondary modern schools designed for trade professionals and the grammar schools for the study of classics lead to the creation of uniform comprehensive schools.

In the USA, schools are funded through federal and state property taxes and students progress through 13 grades.

Canadian students are comparatively better than their UK counterparts in terms of their scores in OECD’s Programme for International Student Assessment.

The study undertaken by US News & World Report was done in partnership with BAV Group and the Wharton School  at the University of Pennsylvania. The BAV group is a unit of VMLY&R, a global marketing communications company.

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