The Necessity For An Evolution Of Literacy In India.

The Necessity For An Evolution Of Literacy In India.

Indian School Primary School Students Attentively Answering To Male Teacher In The Classroom.

As India emerges as a superpower on the outside, it is vital to improving the strength of the walls from within. As Malala Yousufzai puts it “One child, one teacher, one book and one pen can change the world”, perhaps education for everyone is the only thing that is missing in the world’s largest democracy. Even though numerous campaigns to increase female participation in areas beginning with survival, ranging over education towards employment opportunities, things are still far away from midway targets. 

The Sad Truth Of Literacy In India 

Literacy in India has its lowest numbers when adult education is concerned. Adult literacy is at 63%, which is much lower than the benchmarks set by contemporaries of Asia. The levels had climbed up since 1991 when it was at a mere 48%. Literacy In India is what needs to be focused on as an area to improve the country’s economy. The literacy divide between male and female education is another concern that needs to be tended. Only half of the Indian women are educated as compared to a three fourth of educated Indian men. Among the illiterates in the world, two-thirds of them are women, and among these, one-third is Indian women. Although the literacy of the country has risen from 12% during the British rule to over 74% in recent years. India’s national literacy rate was around 43% in the 1980s. The literacy rate among a group of people in the country is much below 37% even today.

The Literacy Scenes Of India Vs The World 

The UNESCO stated on the world literacy day about the number of illiterates in the world. The literates in the world account for 84 percent of all the people in the world, that is near to 775 million people. Children in the world who are illiterate account for a whopping 250 million. India is in the top 10 countries with the world’s largest illiterate population. With around 285 million illiterates in India, the world’s largest democracy stands with 37% of the entire illiterates in the world. With less than half of the school children as girls that will reflect in the next census, the risk of declining illiteracy rates is at an all-time high. 

Numbers Speak Louder Than Words 

The number of school dropouts within the country are vast since the majority of government schools have not been able to put the right to education act to full swing yet. The sex ratio is something not to be proud of either. With the growing atrocities against women beginning with female foeticides, it is a surprise that this land has been able to keep a female-to-male ratio of 0.97. The literacy of females in the country is at 123rd position out of 135 countries, is a silent question raised against the diligent people running this vast nation.

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