Importance of literacy in India

Importance of literacy in India

Unidentified Rural School Student Learning From Books In The Classroom.

Literacy and education in India 

When you look at children between the ages of five and eight, you should be able to see one commonality within them. Though their daily lives are different or they’re from different nations, they will all have a common minimal skill. It is their ability to read. In the present fast-paced society, reading is very important. All kids should be able to read and get resources to learn various topics.

When it comes to education, most people think only about advanced academics. The students of the older age group are a bit advanced. It is necessary to look and give importance to the basic building blocks that will help the children to develop a strong mental image. All children begin with learning, writing, and reading. They will be learning to determine letters on the page. If they do not have this basic skill, it is hard for them to accomplish other important things in life.

Why should we improve literacy rates? 

If you are focusing to maintain an improved literacy in India, then it is necessary to incorporate all these as well as other basic programs into schools, in the workplace, and at home. All individuals should be literate. There should not be any illiterate person in the country.

Children who are growing in the present technology age should know how to read. They should be instructed with ways to improve their reading skills. If they are not taught to read from a young age, then there are chances for them to lose 80% of jobs as most of them are associated with reading. Children should not be put into a biased ratio of employment availability. They should have the most successful and best futures they always wanted to pursue.

Tips to improve literacy in India 

By offering the children strength and hope, it is possible to make this world a peaceful and better place to live. When you see the importance of reading in concerns about technology, you could notice the chances of getting lost in this world. It is important to increase literacy rates in all the states, cities, and rural India.

It is possible to incorporate good literacy programs all over India with certain simple steps. It starts with parents. They should make sure that their kids are given proper education. For this, they have to be aware of the importance of education.

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