Implementation of Education System in Karnataka

Implementation of Education System in Karnataka

The government of Karnataka is now implementing reforms to render better learning and educational experiences to all students. To improve outcomes and progress of learning students, the government of Karnataka has now adopted new practices to facilitate enhanced learning experiences. The education system of Karnataka provides free quality primary levels of education to all students. Some educational allowances include teacher training programmes, learning through various activities and skills, surveys on the state level achievements, tracking progress and above all making schools safe.

· Tracking progress

In order to track and keep a check on the attendance, learning abilities, performance and enrolment of students at various schools, the government of Karnataka has introduced a new programme called the Student Achievement Tracking Systems (SATS). It is an integrated data base, which allocates each school and its student a unique identification number. SATS uses this identification number to record all information about the attendance patterns of students and recognises schools which satisfy specific parameters.

· State Achievement Survey

This survey is completely census based. It provides access to the learning and educational performances of over 36 hundred thousand students, in the fields of language, mathematics and social sciences like history, geography and economics. The students who belong to classes from four to nine and those who come from government and government aided schools of the state, are prone to being accessed using the survey. These surveys are basically conducted to evaluate the performance of all students considered. Till date, over 8 lakh students have been trained and identified and thereby provided with remedial assistance if required.

· Training programmes for teachers

Teachers form an integral part of all schools and its curriculum. They influence all students to a great extent. To enhance the quality of education provided to all students, the government of Karnataka has introduced a new programme called the “Guruchetna”. Guruchetna is basically a teacher training programme which allows all teachers and faculty members of all educational institutions to choose subjects and modules that suit their interests and priorities. The educators are given a special training to improve their relationship with all students which thereby facilitates better learning experiences accompanied by detailed understanding to all students.

Learning through conducting activities

· Learning through conducting activities

The government of Karnataka tends to focus more on the educational reforms that can be implemented by the state to get all students (enrolled at all educational institutions) benefitted. Nalli Kali is generally an activity based programme which improves learning capabilities of all students. This programme also allows all students to study subjects that suit their levels of understanding and capabilities rather that completely concentrating on the text books allocated for different standards and grades. It highly aims in making education enjoyable and fun for all students which thereby increases their interests towards learning.

· Making school environments safe

Karnataka has now become the first of all states in India to implement reforms which make school environments safe to all students enrolled. The state also introduced the Child Protection Policy, commonly called the CPP under the guidance of the international organisation called the UNICEF and NIMHANS of Bangalore. The policy acts like a module which guides all educational institutions to improve the safety of all students.

The initiatives discussed above implemented by the government of Karnataka, have created environments which are healthy and safe to all students who desire to achieve great things and reach higher places in life. And subsequently the child safety reforms implemented by the government ensure safe environments to all students who enrol themselves in both the government and government aided educational institutions. Teachers on the other hand are also given special attention to render better experiences of learning to their students.

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