Accelerated Christian Education

Accelerated Christian Education

In the Accelerated Christian Education, students will be taught to experience the things in the point of God’s view. In all the aspects of teaching principles and concepts of the bibles will be used. For example, when teaching English Grammar, the interrogative sentences will be framed like “Do you know Jesus Is Your Soul? Or Can You Understand His Word? Then, the students will be instructed to mark the subject and verb of the sentence.

Students will get a chance to befit with religion norms at all the time of the day by following the ACE method of learning. At the same time, teachers will be very specific in instructing the students to differentiate the “God” from the Evils. The benefits provided by the government will be taught to the students as the things established by God to help people in all aspects.


Accelerated Christian Education can make the students to believe that nothing is possible without the “God.” The happenings around the world will be expressed to them as the events that are occurring as per the God’s plan. The need of ACE is to develop creationist. The aim of the Accelerated Christian Education is to offer a God-centered curriculum for students.

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It provides the materials for the related for the institutions that are needed to teach a God’s philosophy among students. Topography, Volcanology and astronomy are the earth sciences courses that are introduced by the ACE recently to make students understand the God’s creatures. The ACE will certify the students who have completed 12 PACES (Packages of Accelerated Christian Education).

Church Based Christian Education:
Obtaining education in the Christian Churches seems home-school learning for students. Adequate educational resources, positive relationships and spiritual leaderships are the various benefits that can be attained by the students when they educated by churches. Most of the churches are allowing students to make use of the expensive educational material.

It is a great advantage for students who are with minimum financial aid. At the same time, the real-world skills of the students can be easily enhanced by the ministry and mission of churches. Many home-scholars have fallacy that the activities organized by the ministry of the church will add stress along with their family responsibilities. However, it is the best way for scholars to improve their skills even with their busy schedules.

Church Activities Given For Students:
Home-scholars can explain their personal commitments and reasons for what they are keeping them away from the activities conducted by the ministry of the church. As a first step of the teaching, the students will be taught to behave in a respectful manner with people. Usually, the bible and drawing materials will be provided for students to let them keep their hands as busy and mouth as quite.

The main things of the service will be discussed in the end to examine the understanding capability of students. It was found that the youth and small kids with special needs are concentrating more on the activities when compare to the other students. Church leadership activities will direct students to manage the things on their own. But, parents must provide their support to the students to attain success in their schooling.

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