UPSC Toppers from Karnataka state

UPSC Toppers from Karnataka state

Karnataka Students Top UPSC Exams Of The Year 2018

UPSC is a prestigious exam that is conducted every year for various positions like IAS, IFS, IPS, etc. Several students aspire to crack the UPSC exams. They strive hard to clear the exams. It is not easy to crack the UPSC exams in the first attempt. The syllabus for the UPSC exam and high competition makes the exam challenging to clear. Several IAS Coaching Centres in Chennai offer assistance for students to prepare for the UPSC exams. Here you would know about the details of the UPSC exams conducted last year and the result details.

UPSC Exam-2018

Nearly five lakhs of students from all over the country appeared for the UPSC exams conducted in the year 2018. The preliminary examination was held in June 2018, and the main examination was conducted in the month of September and October. Nearly ten thousand candidates cleared the prelims and appeared in the main examination. The result of the main examination was recently released. Seven hundred fifty-nine students cleared the UPSC main exams in India. Out of the 759 candidates, 23 from Karnataka cleared the UPSC examination this year. 

Karnataka UPSC Results-2018

Nearly 23 students from Karnataka cleared the UPSC main examination held in the year 2018. Rahul Sankumar from Hubbali secured 17th Image of Hubbali secured 17th Rank in UPSC Exam in Karnataka.rank, and he is the top rank holder from the state of Karnataka. Three other candidates from Karnataka secured within 100 ranks. They are Lakshmi 45th rank, Akash 78th rank, and Kiruthika 100th rank. Thus four candidates from Karnataka topped in the UPSC exams. They would be posted in prestigious designation all over the country. 

Some of the other candidates from Karnataka who cleared the UPSC main examination are listed below.

  1. Koushik H R (240)
  2. Vivek HB (257)
  3. Niveditha S Balaraddiyavar (303)
  4. Girish Dharmaraj Kalagond (307)
  5. Mirza Qadir Baig (336) 
  6. Thejas U P (338)
  7. Harshavardana B J (352)
  8. Pakkiresh Kallappa Badami (372)
  9. Nagarjun B Gowda (418)
  10. Ashwija B V (423)
  11. Manjunath R (495)
  12. Brinda S (496)
  13. Hemanth N (612)
  14. Shruthi M K (637)
  15. Venkatram (694)
  16. Ashok Kumar S (711)
  17. Ragavendra N (739)
  18. Santhosha H (753) 
  19.  Shashikiran S (754).

Strategies To Clear UPSC Preliminary Exams 

It is not easy to crack the UPSC examination without devising certain preparation strategies. Toppers of UPSC examination follow certain workable strategies to clear the preliminary and main UPSC examination in the first attempt. The strategy would vary from one individual to another. Choose a strategy based on individual abilities. The following are some of the strategies followed by toppers of UPSC exams. Check out the strategies of  How to clear UPSC Prelims Exams.

Planning Is Must

Proper planning is important when you prepare for your UPSC exams. This is because the syllabus for the exam is vast and proper planning would help to cover the syllabus before the exams.  

Image of UPSC Mains Exams Preparation Strategy.

Follow Integrated Approach

IAS aspirants should have an integrated outlook on the preparation of IAS exam. Thus make sure that you prepare for prelims, mains, and interview comprehensively. This would help you to crack the exams easily.

Improve Intuitive Skills

Take efforts to improve your intuitive skills as the questions asked in preliminary exams are options. To improve intuitive skills, you have to take up several mock tests and previous year question papers. 

Be Strong In Basics

IAS aspirants should be strong in the basic concepts to crack the IAS exams. This is because the questions of the UPSC exams mostly check your understanding of your fundamentals in various subjects.  Use NCERT study materials and basic textbooks to learn the basics of every subject included in the syllabus of UPSC exams.

Be Consistent

Consistent preparation is the key to cracking UPSC examination. Indeed, people who have started to prepare for UPSC exams from the start of their college studies were able to crack the exams in the first attempt.

Follow the above strategies offered by UPSC toppers to clear the UPSC exams of the upcoming years. 

The recent UPSC results bring joy for Karnataka candidates as many of them have cleared the main exams from the state of Karnataka. The people of Karnataka would be proud of their candidates as they have cleared the UPSC exams with good rank.

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