The best brain hacks for faster learning

The best brain hacks for faster learning

How to train with easy learning strategies?

Learning can screw up the brain if performed without any tips and tricks. There are lots of brain hacks on the internet, which can simplify the process of learning faster in competitive examinations. There is less scope due to a high population, so students have to compete in a hard battle to find out the best placement, whether in a college or the administration department of the country.

The growing technologies have always brought in developments and optimizations in the education field. At first, students had to refer libraries and tons of books for the syllabus, which is today confined to a few websites on the internet. Our prime focus will be on the brain hacks, which can help the students to remember the concepts as sharp as a knife.

Teaching someone else what is read is the best way to revise the concepts

Every student must practice this trick as it was a practical and proven tip from St. Louis University. According to the psychological experts from the university, the expectation and the need for the reader can play a significant role in the brain in remembering the concepts for more extended periods. One can teach their friends about their reading material efficiently to clear their doubts and understand the idea in a well-versed manner. According to JOHN NESTJKO, an author and psychologist, this trick of learning can bring better results than merely pacifying time to pass.

The trick works well because the students tend to strain over the key points, just like the teachers when they teach during the lectures. This can infect the other students with learning and remembering strategies.

Learn in a short period of time with regular intervals

Experts from the Louisiana Universities suggest that students who follow reading for 30-50 minutes and take breaks between the reading sessions tend to bring more marks over the students who read for longer sessions without any interruptions. Anything which is less than 30 minutes is too fast, and anything which is more than 50 minutes is too slow, according to the learning strategist’s ELLEN DUNN.

Every student must practice taking 10-15 minutes interval before starting a new session of study. Even the director of the non-profit organization western governors university NEIL STARR states that studies with frequent intervals have the proven records of better skills. One should also sleep well during the time of examinations because brain relaxation is important to retain the vital study material during the exams.

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