Strategies for Learning a Foreign Language

Strategies for Learning a Foreign Language

Most students who find it hard to learn a foreign language usually have problems in native or current language. It is best to teach semantics, syntax, morphology and phonology to these students systematically and directly. Semantics refers to the meaning of words. Syntax refers to rules and structure of a language. Morphology refers to the word structure. Phonology means sound units that comprise the language. When you teach these four principles clearly, they can easily observe and practice a new language. Apart from this, a student who has verbal memory difficulty finds it hard to learn a new language. It is important to consider the best language learning strategies to acquire the language.

Communiqua language classes in Chennai provides training after discussing the student’s needs and requirements. They design the student’s language curriculum as per their requirements.


Selecting foreign language course

Students should consult language training centers like to find out the best language course from various choices. They have to choose according to their weakness and strengths in native language and past knowledge in the foreign language.

Students should construct a positive involvement they have experienced while learning a new language. They need to consider the type of foreign language. They have to think how their weakness and strengths would influence a particular language.

When you are choosing a foreign language, you need to look whether the course contains the following features:

  • Specific training on syntactical and phonological features of the language
  • An advanced multi-modal approach through using visual input (printed materials like overheads, handouts), kinesthetic input (combining nonverbal and verbal aspects of communicating, lettering in a new language), and auditory input (listen to foreign language recited on tape and in person).
  • Slower and efficient presentation of subject material with giving time for written and oral practice. Some examples include quizzes, reviews of information, board drills.

Tips for Studying Foreign Language 

If you want to learn Chinese and are looking for experienced and professional language trainers, it is recommended that you learn it from a Chinese language training center near you. Here sharing some simple suggestions that help to enhance foreign language training.

Read the course syllabus on or before the first day of your class. See what chapters are there in your textbook. Ensure that you can understand the concepts and course material. You have to know how long they take to cover each chapter. Prepare a study plan considering practice time and extra review time.


Discuss with your instructor about the ways they teach. You have to see whether they follow a standardized or successful approach to make you understand the concept. They need to use audiotapes that are available in the language laboratory, guided self-instruction handbooks, computer assisted instruction and individualized tutoring to help you in the learning process.

Rehearsal and practice play an important role in the learning process. To learn vocabulary and improve memory, you have to make flash cards. You can use the cards to learn new words on a regular basis. If you want to motive yourself, ensure to team up with another classmate so that you will get the spirit to study and perform better.

It is best to have a study buddy. They help to make the entire learning process enjoyable. Moreover, you can communicate with your friend in the foreign language and improve your way of communication and expression. It helps to examine your learning progress. Apart from classroom tests, ensure to test your skills by attending a test on own. It helps to review and learn the class material and improve test taking skills.

If possible, ensure to record classes using an audio tape. Whenever you get time, you can play and review the class. It helps you in getting additional exposure to structure and sounds of foreign language.

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  1. It was a dream to learn German language during my childhood, but I succeeded in my dream now at my forties, but anyway happy for this. My dream came true because I got a transfer to Germany from my office for a period of 3 years. Now after being here for more than half a year, I can manage German language up to a great extent. I have seen that, one will only learn a new language if there is some necessity or else they hardly can..!!

  2. People compare learning a language with swimming, cycling and cooking, but I wonder how one can make this comparisons. I consider learning new languages is an art, also considered as a talent which one have different from others. If we learn any language wholeheartedly then we will not forget it in our life time, buts its not the same with swimming and cycling.

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