Making Christian Education A Success Story

Making Christian Education A Success Story

Christian education has been long seen as the possible way for children to learn the way of Christ and follow in his footsteps of honesty, love and integrity to his fellow beings. Apart from the fact that it teaches the basic discipline that a child needs to know, it also is a platform for the future careers of these individuals. There have been so many renowned personalities in the country who were taught in Christian schools and have made the country and their Alma Mater proud.


It is important to stay in the present while preparing for the future, and hence knowledge on current affairs becomes the key. Attempting current affairs quiz on websites and booklets cannot only give them the courage to face the challenge of attending a competitive exam or taking up a job interview, but also makes them better knowledgeable individuals that enable them to take informed decisions in their lives. It is the duty of every Christian institution to ensure that this happens within their premises.

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  1. I also belong to Christian Missionary schools, those days we hardly bother about the religions and castes. Today when we are grown up, we have brains and now we are much caring about such useless stuffs. Guys please grow up..!!!

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