Let Us Learn About The System Of Education In USA.

Let Us Learn About The System Of Education In USA.

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The system of education in USA is unique and different from that of the rest of the world due to the plethora of options on offer. The schooling is divided into primary and secondary schools. Post schooling is the higher education system. Higher education is divided into three levels ranging from undergraduate, graduate in search of master’s degree, and finally, a doctorate. A grading system is used to evaluate the candidates through different levels of their education. The grade point system used in the American education system is very different and depends on the school or university through which a student pursues his education. The academic year begins around August to September until May to June. The academic year is broken into two terms, called semesters or three terms, called trimesters. The classroom environment is entirely different in America, as it is more student-centered and very dynamic. Students are given a chance to take ownership of their learning by participating in debates, presenting seminars, sharing opinions, and discussing ideas.

The Schooling System In America 

School is 12 learning years in the United States of America. Students attend primary school and secondary school divided into twelve grades for each academic year. The primary learning is up to six learning years and is called elementary school. The Secondary school is from seventh to twelfth learning years and is divided as middle school and high school. Middle school is from sixth to eighth grades, and high school is from ninth to twelfth grades. The middle school is also called as junior high school, as a precursor to high school. Graduation from high school gives qualifications in the form of a certificate or diploma. Post the high school, and students move on to more senior education programmes at undergraduate levels.

The grading system used in America is uniquely different from what is used by other education systems internationally. To transfer from another country to pursue education in USA, one has to get their academic transcripts submitted along with the application to college universities. Transcripts refer to the copies of original academic work or certificates. The Grade Point Average (GPA) and grades are calculated in letter-based grades converted from percentage marks in each course.

Higher Education Programmes Of Undergraduate Levels 

The undergraduate programme refers to students attending colleges before getting their bachelor’s degree. There are community colleges that provide the starting two years of required learning. As well as university colleges that offer four-year undergraduate programmes. The courses prerequisite for undergraduate education are science, literature, history, arts, and social sciences. These form a foundation of various areas before specializing in a field of study. Students generally prefer completing these prerequisite courses at a community college and then to a university college for the four-year programme. The community college gives an associate of arts degree that enables the student to get the transfer to a four-year bachelor’s degree programme. 

The field of study or specialization is called a “major.” There is a set of required courses to be completed to get the major’s certificate. The major or specialty is selected in the third year of college, and it is flexible for the students to switch majors depending on their choice later as well. However, this implies further addition of courses and hence higher financial investment along with more time requisition. 

Postgraduate Or Master’s Degree Programmes

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Once an undergraduate degree is obtained, the student can think of going for a postgraduate programme. A bachelor’s degree is the key to a master’s degree in specializing further into a field that the student wishes to pursue. A master’s degree opens a better stand on the career ladder as well. Certain positions require a postgraduate degree to advance in job positions such as the field of engineering, library science, behavioral health, and education. A few countries have rules that permit students to study abroad only for their graduation. Hence it is vital to inquire about the job requirements and country regulations before applying for higher studies abroad.

To apply for a master’s degree programme abroad, it is required that students comply with the Graduate Record Examination (GRE). Further, some applications require specific tests to be completed to get admitted. Business schools require GMAT or GRE, and law schools need LSAT to be complete while MCAT is the requirement for admission into a medical school. Most of the master’s programmes are one year programmes while some of them extend to two years of study. Classroom study is an integral part of a master’s degree. There is an extended research paper submission as a requirement for the master’s programme to be deemed complete. It is either a thesis or a project depending on the area of specialization.

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