Choosing Career Options After Education

Career Options After EducationThere are successful career options when it comes to individuals graduating from Christian institutions. Apart from the preparation for life as such, there is good preparation and effort put into making them well equipped to face their career prospects with an open mind and a large heart. The success stories of past students do not end with the school, in fact it begins there. Along with education it becomes pertinent to teach these kids the way of succeeding in the job opportunities available. Preparation plays a major role in ensuring that the individual lands in the right job.

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Any preparation warrants basic knowledge on the current happenings in the world. It is necessary to be trained well in order to ensure that you land in the right job. All jobs in the present day ask for information about the current trends. Keeping abreast with current affairs through regular attempts at current affairs quiz can help individuals to a large extent. It is important to choose careers that will give you contentment rather than monetary gain. A career choice based on what an individual loves will always increase the chances for them to succeed faster than in any other. If the wrong choice is made, it will lead only to failure. Making the right choice matters, but ensure that the choice is made from the heart and not the head!

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Making Christian Education A Success Story


Christian education has been long seen as the possible way for children to learn the way of Christ and follow in his footsteps of honesty, love and integrity to his fellow beings. Apart from the fact that it teaches the basic discipline that a child needs to know, it also is a platform for the future careers of these individuals. There have been so many renowned personalities in the country who were taught in Christian schools and have made the country and their Alma Mater proud.


It is important to stay in the present while preparing for the future, and hence knowledge on current affairs becomes the key. Attempting current affairs quiz on websites and booklets cannot only give them the courage to face the challenge of attending a competitive exam or taking up a job interview, but also makes them better knowledgeable individuals that enable them to take informed decisions in their lives. It is the duty of every Christian institution to ensure that this happens within their premises.


Participant From St.Mary’s Academny Meerut Has Won the Best Speaker Award


St.Mary’s Academy situated at Meerut, India, which was established by the Brothers of St. Patrick in the year 1952. The educational institutions that were developed by the Patrick Brothers are well in providing the physical and intellectual education to the students with high standards. Character developed is the first thing what the Brothers focused on. The science and humanities taught by the school are the beneficial sources for students in obtaining the practical knowledge.

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Usually, professors of St.Mary Academy will encourage and train students to participate in the various activities. Two teams of the school were selected to participate in the ASICS Zonal English Debate 2014, conducted on July 18, 2014. Ujjawal Parashar and Devaansh Goyals were participated in the senior debate. Participants from various schools were tried their level best to win the competition. But, the Ujjawal, participant from the St.Mary’s Academy has surpassed all their conversation and won the best speaker award. The participant also got an opportunity to take part in the debate conducted as state-level. The junior debate participant of the school had won any prize for the contest.