Effective Methods For Bible Teaching

Methods For Bible Teaching

Lecture can be referred as the oral presentation or discourse of the subject or topic. It involves the instructions that have to be followed when applying the concepts or strategies. Group size is the foremost thing to be considered when someone is planning for a lecture. Interactive method doesn’t seem effective in a large group. In such a situation, it is better to break a large group into small ones.


Group size entirely depends on the number of a large group. A speech can be given with needless of any materials. However, using a visual aid will help to grab the attention of audiences quickly. Chalk board, Power point presentation and Projectors are the effective sources to enhance the visual aid presentation. During a lecture, the instructor must know to manage with the time as they need to teach a maximum number of topics within a short period.

The lecture has to be presented in a way by which the students can acquire more information to improve their knowledge. Jesus Christ has presented several lectures of different lengths. During his lecture, Jesus has used various examples to make people understand the things in a better way. He has implemented the familiar concepts to ease the risks involved in understanding. People were surprised with his words, and he is the one who taught people about the authority. Lecture is the one-way communication. Hence, it has to be very audible to reach all the students or audiences.