Br. Joseph Dolphy Pais earned Doctorate in Franciscan Spirituality at the Pontifical Antonian University of Rome on 19th June 2008. Defending his thesis before a panel of four erudite professors and a large audience, he settled to nothing less than a Summa Cum Laude (full honours). His thesis was on Mystical Writings of St. Bonaventure as an Inspiration for Capuchin Franciscan Formation Today. Br.Chetan obtained his Master’s Degree in Social Communications (Mass media) at the Pontifical Salesian University of Rome on 23rd June, 2008.

masteHis thesis was on the hot topic of today: Digital divide: Is it Narrowing or Widening Globally? Examining the Domestic Digital Divide in India with Special Reference to Bangalore, the Silicon Valley of India. maste To celebrate the twin achievements a grand celebration was organised on 24th evening at St.Lawrence International College. The Bishop of Mangalore, Most Reverend Aloysius Paul D Souza was the honoured guest of the evening, who made time to visit the capuchins and share in their joy. It was also a farewell celebration as Brs.Dolphy and Chetan head back to the Rome of the East (Mangalore) shortly.

Around 100 guests participated in the celebration which included universities professors, Capuchin and Salesian priests, and quite a few Konkani Kutam members. The menu was totally Mangalorean, prepared under the guidance of Fr. Reginald Furtado, the master chef with the help of Brs. Francis Furtado, Joel and Jeevan.
The Karnataka Capuchins congratulate Brs.Dolphy and Chetan and wish them all the best in their future.

Some Effective Bible Verses For College Students

bible vs student

Students get surprised when they see a thing that never experienced before. Everything inside the college campus seems new to them. But, the fact is that there won’t be any difference between yesterday and today. Likewise, Jesus Christ is same for all the day and time.

Be Courageous and Walk With God:

The human being seems blessed when he/she had a chance to walk on the path of goodness. God never let them in the path of sinners. Law of the God meditates at night and day. Jesus has the answer for all your questions, but you must have the ability of hearing it. God has advised people to be humble and walk along with his. A person who believes the God will get all the good things he needed without any struggles. However, doing things without the blessing of God will never give us a good result.


Hence, hope God is there to protect your from all the sins. God will give power and strength to the human beings to do all the things. Hence, one who have blessing from god can succeed in all the things. Believe that God is there is for you, he is watching all the actions performed by you and the others. God is everywhere in the world as he is a form of love. The knowledge of the human being begins when he/she to fear about the God. Human beings who obey his words can gain the knowledge quickly. Mercy and goodness will follow the person who believes God at all the times.